sleep apneaAcupuncture Can Help Sleep Apnea

In conventional medicine not much is known about why sleep apnea occurs. But although modern doctors may scoff at the notion of sticking needles in your skin to alleviate the condition, acupuncture and sleep apnea provide a good combination and many people have sought the help of an acupuncturist to be able to get a good night’s sleep once again.

While acupuncture can indeed help people suffering from sleep apnea, it is important to remember that conventional treatment and advice should also be followed. Sleep apnea can sometimes be a symptom of a detectable underlying cause that can be treated by modern medicine, so a doctor’s office should always be your first stop.

Sleep apnea can be an distressing condition to have, especially if you are the partner of the person affected. This condition is usually recognized by periods of sleep in which the breathing stops - sometimes for several seconds. The victim will also tend to snore loudly, and more often than not both they and their partner will feel tired and irritable during the day as a result of the disturbed sleep patterns they are experiencing.

Acupuncture Helps people Suffering From Sleep Apnea

Acupuncture and sleep apnea are an ideal example of how well acupuncture can work in treating a condition that can stump conventional doctors, because the Chinese tend to concentrate on what might be causing the condition rather than on how to treat it. 

When dealing with acupuncture and sleep apnea, an acupuncturist will find out all they can about the sufferer’s medical history and lifestyle. The Chinese style of medicine works on the belief that all diseases and illnesses are caused by some kind of blockage in the flow of energy around the body, and the information they glean from the patient will help them identify the likely points that need treatment.

Acupuncture and sleep apnea also go well together because, contrary to what some might believe, acupuncture is actually a very relaxing procedure to undergo. I know of someone who always booked evening appointments after work, and she always slept extremely well afterwards due to the relaxed state she came home in.

Whether a cause for sleep apnea can be found or not, acupuncture may certainly help to maintain a relaxed state and a better flow of energy around the body, both of which can assist in helping the patient – and their partner – enjoy a restful night’s sleep for a change.

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