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trd014ta4818What Are Acupuncture Meridians

Acupuncture has been successfully used for many thousands of years. The use of acupuncture is ctrd014ta4820onsidered a normal medical practice in China and most parts of the Orient. Acupuncture is a complicated and effective form of healing. It just isn’t as easy as sticking sewing needles into your body at random places. You have to, know exactly where to stick it. Acupuncturists can’t do their work without the knowledge of acupuncture meridians, which chart the energy streams in the body. 

Understanding Yin And Yang

Acupuncture meridians have been charted for both people and animals. Acupuncture principles are based on the belief that when the body’s energy currents are out of balance, the body gets sick. This is the theory behind acupuncture meridians. The ancient Chinese observed that most things in the universe come in pairs – hot and cold, black and white, male and female, and on and on. So, too, they believed the body’s flow of energy currents. Some flow with active Yang energy, and some flow with receptive Yin energy. Have you seen the Yin/Yang circle, half black and half white? That design neatly sums up the idea that everything comes in equal and opposite portions in order for life to be happily balanced. Acupuncture meridians guide acupuncturists on how to restore proper balance.

Acupuncture meridians are invisible, and do not relate with any anatomical part of the body. But just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. You can’t really see a thought as a physical reality, but it is definitely there. The acupuncturist has gone through years of medical training on how to detect how much off course your Yin and Yang meridians are and place special, thin, sterile needles to correct the flow of energy and hopefully get it back on course. 

Is acupuncture for you? 

Scientific and medical studies do not wholly agree on just why acupuncture works, or even if acupuncture meridians are “real”, but they do agree that acupuncture does work, whether you understand how it does or not. Both people and animals often find the treatments relaxing. Indeed, dogs going for chronic arthritis relief often fall asleep during treatment!

Acupuncture may help your condition Talk to your doctor or health care specialist to see if they can recommend a qualified acupuncturist for you. Some health insurance plans in North America now cover acupuncture treatments. Some people think that the best acupuncturists are Chinese, but as more and more nations offer acupuncture training, acupuncturists of any nationality can be just as good. The knowledge is not secret, it’s not only known to those with Chinese heritage. By studying acupuncture meridian charts, finding any imbalance areas in your body and inserting the special needles, anyone is fully capable of learning how to use acupuncture treatments.



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