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Acupuncture points are very important to the healing influence of this popular complementary healing procedure. Acupuncture has been employed by the Chinese people in China for many centuries, and more recently many others around the world have used the procedures of acupuncture for relief and restoration. Acupuncture points are the foundation for the healing powers of this medical practice. The acupuncture points are based on the study of the energy of the human body. These acupuncture points number in the hundreds, but there are several that are most often used by those that are skilled in this medical practice. 

Acupuncture Points

The acupuncture points are connected throughout the body, and these are the points that are used for insertion of special needles. The acupuncture points are analyzed by the professionals who practice this type of medicine. The skilled acupuncturist knows which of the acupuncture points will heal certain conditions or provide help to each patient. The acupuncture points are not always located in the part of the body that needs assistance. The acupuncture points that help with one condition could be at a distance from the source of that trd014ta4818condition. Acupuncture has provided some relief to those with headaches, but the acupuncture points that help with headaches are not necessarily located in the head.

Ear Acupuncture

A very commonly used treatment in the United States is Auriculotherapy or Ear Acupuncture. For this reason, the ear has many Acupuncture points which correspond to many parts and organs of the body. Auricular Acupuncture has been successful in treating problems ranging from obesity to alcoholism, to drug addiction. There are numerous studies either completed, or currently going on which affirms Auricular Acupuncture's effectiveness.

Effective Treatment Requires Knowledge Of Acupuncture Points To Be Successful

Many of the points used by a skilled acupuncturist can be used for several different conditions or objectives. The skilled professionals know the points that will help with different conditions or to achieve certain goals. While some people will go to an acupuncturist to help manage their stress many others for back pain. The acupuncturist will know exactly which points on the body will affect the sources of the problem. The acupuncturist will then place needles in these strategic points. 

A skilled acupuncturist knows that there are different types of points located throughout the human body. These points are often divided into different functions by the acupuncturist, and then this will help guide the appropriate type of point to use for the treatment of each patient. These points may be located in many different areas of the body including the ears or the points of the fingertips. Once the acupuncturist decides which points are important for the condition of the patient, he or she will place the needles through these points. The practice of acupuncture requires a detailed knowledge of all of these points, and the effects of these points on the functions of the human organs. 


Relatively few complications have been reported from the use of acupuncture. However, acupuncture can cause potentially serious side effects if not delivered properly by a qualified practitioner.



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