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Calgary residents usually need their general practitioner to prescribe acupuncture in order to get any kind of medical reimbursement. Be sure to check with whoever does your doctor’s paperwork.

There are many experienced places to get safe, effective treatments in acupuncture. Calgary not only has many acupuncturists, but also trains new acupuncturists in Calgary College and the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Calgary Acupuncture

Acupuncture is used not only for “obvious” treatments like back pain, but also for more common conditions like psoriasis or severe acne. Acupuncture is not a magic wand. You will still be expected to have a healthy diet, exercise and learn how to manage your stress in order to receive the full benefits of acupuncture. Calgary patients can also choose to go to an alternative health clinic or to an individual acupuncturist. Many alternative health clinics will be called “Acupuncture and…” as acupuncture is considered the most “acceptable” of alternative therapies. You may also choose other therapies to compliment your acupuncture treatments, too.

Those in the Calgary area are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing an acupuncturist. They are easily found in the phone book, online or are referred to by Western doctors of “conventional” medicine. As Canadians know, the health plans are different in each part of Canada. Be sure to ask your Provincial Ministry of Health department, representative if they will cover the costs of acupuncture. 

No Chinese Acupuncturist?

Somehow a myth about acupuncture developed over time – that only the Chinese could do proper acupuncture. Calgary patients might be surprised to find that their acupuncturist can be of any nationality. Acupuncture relies on study of where to best place the needles to help you. Being Chinese or Canadian has nothing to do with one’s abilities as an acupuncturist. Because acupuncture is still considered a “new” therapy, many Chinese or Oriental acupuncturists had to be lured to the West to teach.

Acupuncture is a tool that can be incorporated into your entire wellness plan. By going to an acupuncturist, you are not to abandon any other kind of medical treatment that works for you. Your acupuncturists may recommend that you take traditional Chinese herbs to help you, but will also recommend that you keep taking any modern Western medicines that you are already on.  If you live in Calgary, in Alberta, Canada and think that you might benefit from the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture, you’re in luck. 

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